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QUICKIE - QM-710 (QM 7 Series 2)
Product Code [ QM710 ]

The Quickie QM-7 Series 2 wheelchairs combine function, performance, reliability and luxury for a unique driving experience.

Make your day-to day a thrill with the QM- 7 Series 2's SpiderTracTM Suspension, reliable 4-pole motors, PG Drives electronics and our broadest offering of power seating options ever. The Quickie QM- 7 Series 2 provide superior ride comfort over any terrain.

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SpiderTrac Suspension
Make molehills out of mountains with the QM-7 Series SpiderTrac Suspension. For superior traction and handling, SpiderTrac features independent movement of all six wheels. Optimized articulation of the front and rear wheels give the QM-7 the ability to crawl up and down steep obstacles while keeping you stable and comfortable. The transitions are so smooth, you have to experience it to believe it! Available with black tyre package and 15 shroud colours, QM- 7 Series 2 let you sport your unique style.
Power Tilt, Recline and Elevate
When it comes to power seating, the QM-7 has it all. Tilt, recline with shear reduction, elevating and articulating legrests position you for your best level of function. The QM- 7 impressive 12 inch elevating seat gives you independence. Our unique Combi Tilt / Lift seat module allows for super low seat height achieving as low as 16 inch.
Power Shear Reduction
Recline - All the benefits of Shear reduction and a Jay J3 Back. The integrated Jay J3 Back option offers easy attachment of your favourite Jay J3 Back and headrest.
QM- 7 Series 2 uses R-Net Expandable Controls, the industry standard, highly adaptable expandable electronics. The expandable system allows easy integration of Bluetooth technology and Infra red control of household electronics. 8 uniquely programmable profiles will give you the driving performance you desire - indoors and outdoors.
Seat Width12 - 22 inch (30.5 - 56 cm)
Seat Heightas low as 16 inch (40.6 cm)
Seat Depth12 - 22 inch (30.5 - 56 cm)
Backrest Height14 - 28 inch (35.5 - 71 cm)
Armrest Height 7 - 16 inch (18 - 40.5 cm)
Overall Width 25 inch (63.5 cm)
Overall Length 36 inch (91.5 cm) without footrests
Frame Mid Wheel Drive
Speed10 kmph
Battery Size Group 34 or 73 AH
Max. Range 25 km
Seat Tilt yes
Back Recline Power recline option
Turning Radius 20 inch
Max. Safe Slope 22 degrees
Max Kerb Climb 3 inch (7.5 cm)
Electronics PG R-Net Expandable
Min. Wheelchair Weight standard chair 141kg (including batteries)
Max. User Weight QM-710: 136 kg, QM-715 HD Model: 181 kg
Combi Module
50 Degree COG filt and 12 inch seat elevator

Combination of Tilt and Lift modules in compact module.

Combination module offered at sample price as tilt alone.

12 seat elevator is the tallest in the market.

16.7 inch seat to floor height with Combi Module!

Even lower 16 inch seat to floor height when ordered with recline.

Super Low Seat to Floor Height
All configurations starting at or below 17 inch

Optimizing base, battery box and seat interface. No loss in ground clearance. Tilt/Lift combi unit 16.7 inch seat height. Combi unit and recline 16 inch seat height.

New Shear Reduction Power Recline with integrated Jay 3 back and headrests.
Great look, functionality and quality.

Integrated J3 back on Shear Reduction Recline. PA, PL, PDL and PDC Contours. Upper and Shoulder height options.

Whitmyer headrests - Axys, Cobra, Lynx hardware. 8 / 10 / 14 inch pads.

Increased Reclining Seat Sizes
14 inch and 22 inch seat width. Added 22 inch seat depth. Easy adjustable seat depth, adjusts by 2 inch. Increased weight capacity to 181 kg.

New Options
Reclining Cantilever arms, width and angle adjustable. Power center mount dual/single footplate. Adjustable back push handles.

Great Look
8 New Shroud Colors, Black tire option, Lower back shell profile

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