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OTTO BOCK - [ ScoutCrawler ] Scout Crawler

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Overcome boundaries with the Scout Crawler

Out door. In motion.

Push the limits to broaden your horizons. Stefan Lange

Sand on the beach, gravel trails in the park, snow crunching under your rubber tracks: you love nature - the ScoutCrawler loves difficult terrain because it is specifically made for it. Experience fun and adventure, even on unfamiliar terrain.

Going on expeditions with the innovative ScoutCrawler: the robust track system with its extremely weather-resistant materials was developed specifically for adventure tours on sand and snow. Its qualities shine where other power add-on drives fail. The user simply drives up the loading ramp onto the mobile Scout- Crawler base and docks on. It is operated using a joystick in the same way as a standard power add-on drive or power wheelchair.


Info & Options


  • Designed specifically for outdoor use on challenging terrain
  • Drive and navigate on sand, snow and loose surfaces
  • Exceptionally good climbing ability up to 30% (17 degrees)
  • State-of-the-art lithium battery technology for long range (up to 12 km)
  • Weather-resistant, robust components and materials
  • Disassembly and transportation in a passenger vehicle is possible (with attendant)
In order to ensure you don´t get stuck
We have used highly modern lithium technology for the ScoutCrawler. It offers LITHIUM-TECHNOLOGY significant advantages over conventional battery types.
  • Significantly longer range – the ScoutCrawler goes up to 12 km with a battery that weighs just 7.5 kg
  • Flexible charging and discharging without a loss of battery capacity(no memory effect)
  • Long battery life (up to 700 complete charging cycles) therefore long excursions are possible even with older batteries
  • Special lithium charger for safe charging - both on the product or independently
The lithium cells in the battery are securely positioned in a cell holder. In addition, a safety circuit monitors important parameters such as the charging current and temperature.
Technical data
Housing Black
Drive system Chain drive
Speed 6 km/h
RangeUp to 12 km
(less depending on the grade, surface and load)
Max. climbing abilityUp to 30 % (17 degree) on asphalt
(less depending on surface conditions and load)
Max. obstacle height 40 mm
Turning radius 1.500 mm
Maximum drive-in width 665 mm
Battery pack weight 7,5 kg
Total weight 60 kg
Max. load capacity
(including wheelchair)
145 kg
(120 kg user, 25 kg manual wheelchair)
Length 1.000 mm
Width 1.080 mm
Height Max. 940 mm (with joystick)
Lithium-ion batteries 2 x 24 V18, 4 Ah
Charging time 8 h
Battery lifetime (complete charging cycles) 700
(subsequently 75% charging capacity)
Control unit enAble 40
Operating voltage 24 V DC
Motor power 2 x 250 Watt

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