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F3 Corpus. Click for more information...
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F3 Corpus
THE F3 BASE offers the smallest footprint of Permobil’s redesigned series of front-wheel drive power wheelchairs. Its size and agility let users move quickly in and out of tight spaces like busy city streets and crowded areas like malls...or even parties. The platform has a lower, repositioned center of gravity, which greatly improves stability while traversing inclines or declines. With its fully independent suspension, the F3 provides a comfortable ride and allows users to navigate the obstacles of life. THE CORPUS SEATING SYSTEM. The F3 Corpus comes standard with all of the ergonomic and technological advances of the Corpus seating system from its sleek and stylish design that fits the contours of the wheelchair user’s body to its revolutionary tilt and recline features. Unique to the F3 Corpus are the 12 inch seat elevator and the A/P tilt, which allows for optional 30 degree of anterior tilt and 50 degree of posterior tilt. There’s no need to comprise comfort with a smaller chair, and the F3 is proof of that.
F5 Corpus. Click for more information...
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F5 Corpus
THE F5 BASE. It features an array of advancements to help increase the stability of the chair for a smooth, comfortable ride, including: a smaller footprint with an improved center of gravity, a more rigid chassis, fully independent oil-dampened suspension and a lower seat-to-floor height. The new three-point tilt and elevator system provides solid stability and performance. The standard 7.5 mph motor package with improved torque allows users to easily navigate obstacles at any speed. Options include: black tires with more aggressive tread patterns, chrome wheel accents and two additional color options. THE CORPUS SEATING SYSTEM. We retained all of the things that you have come to expect from the legendary Corpus seating system like the arc legrests, the open armrest design and the Uni-Track System. Then, we took the Corpus seating system to the next level with advanced features such as: the 14 inch seat elevator and the A/P tilt function, which allows for optional 5, 10, 20 and 45 degree of anterior tilt, while maintaining 50 degree of posterior tilt. The A/P tilt helps our users with transfers, added reach, and allows them to get closer to a table or workspace.
K300 PR JS. Click for more information...
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K300 PR JS
With Permobil's K300 PS Junior, cool kids of all sizes can get in on the action. The K300 comes with a standard adult power base, and the expandable seat pan allows for a custom fit no matter how fast a child grows. Features such as flipback armrests, the power seat elevator and power tilt functions, R-Net electronics and the Uni-Track system provide maximum comfort and allow for an infinite number of adjustments and add-on accessories. Plus, the hot new colors - Onyx Black, Volcano Red, Cobalt Blue, Purple Rain, Phantom Grey, Pop Star Pink - and the tri-spoke wheel covers make any kid the envy of the block.
K 450 MX Pediatric. Click for more information...
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K 450 MX Pediatric
The K450 MX offers exciting new possibilities for smaller adults. Innovation and new thinking have added up to K450’s excellent driving qualities and intuitive user-friendliness. Maximum Speed 8.3kmph (5.2mph) Max User Weight 56kg (125 lbs) Ground Clearance 3 inch, Minimum Width 24.5 inch, Base Length 33 inch Weight of Wheelchair w/Batteries 141kg (311 lbs) Uphill Angle 18 degrees, Downhill Angle 18 degrees, Side Slope 16 degrees Power Seat Elevator 8 inch Seat Widths 10, 12, 14, 16 inch, Seat Depths 10 - 12, 12 - 14, 14 - 16, 16 - 18 inch Backrest Heights 14 - 20 inch Seat To Floor Height w/ Tilt 14 - 18 inch Tilt Angle 45 degrees
M300 PS JR. Click for more information...
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M300 PS JR
The Permobil M300 PS Jr. combines the capabilities of our M300 base with the versatility of the PS Jr. seating system for the perfect pediatric chair. With a tight turning radius, you’ll be able to maneuver through your home with ease, while our innovative CATLink (Climbing and Traction Linkage) System increases capability to get over obstacles and helps prevent high-centering. The expandable seat pan allows for a custom fit, so the chair can grow with the child. Plus, the PS Jr. is designed with convenient flip-back armrests, making transfers a breeze. And thanks to the UniTrack, standard on the PS Jr., you can have a variety of adjustments and accessories for added comfort.

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