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Kuschall Advance
A fixed frame chair with a removable front end, which when the backrest is folded and the seat pan, wheels and front frame dismantled is more compact than a folding chair. The same smooth ride expected from a fixed frame chair but the added flexibility of being compact.

Carbon Seat Pan

The kuschall Advance is designed from a completely new starting point compared to the usual way of designing new wheelchairs, it considers the most important need of the users - the seating! Made from carbon, the rigid seat plate increases the stiffness of the entire wheelchair, and thus gives outstanding driving performance.

Detachable Frame

Adjustable at no fewer than seven points, the Kuschall Advance has been designed to be adjusted to each user's specific needs. And why should your wheelchair not match your mood of the day, or your clothes? The quick release option gives you the opportunity to change color frames and also ensures easy transportation of your rigid wheelchair.

Light, configurable, and above all adjustable like no other, the Kuschall Advance is for the user who wants something that exactly meets your everyday mobility and style needs.


Seat width: 34 - 46 cm (in increments of 2 cm)
Seat depth: 36 - 52 cm (in increments of 2 cm)
Seat height: front: 45 - 55 cm, rear: 37 - 49 cm (in increments of 1 cm)
Backrest height: 27 - 48 cm (in increments of 1.5 cm)
Knee-to-heel length: 22 - 52cm (in increments of 1 cm)
Backrest angle: 78 / 82 / 86 / 90 / 94 degrees
Total width (with 3 degrees camber): SW + 17 cm
Total length: 75 degrees 83 cm, 90 degrees 76 cm
Total weight unloaded: Approx. 7.5 kg
Max. user weight: 125 kg
Transport Weight 5.3 kg
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