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Absolute Essential Cushion. Click for more information...
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Absolute Essential Cushion
For individuals with mild to moderate seating needs, the Invacare Matrx Absolute Cushion offers simple, but highly functional solutions. This cushion is designed to provide basic comfort using highly resilient foam and is intended for individuals who are able to do own weight shifts for pressure relief. * Lightweight molded Polyurethane foam:Provides comfort and durability * Breathable water resistant cover protects foam from moisture * Non-slip bottom keeps cushion securely in place
Matrx Flo-tech Solution Xtra Cushion. Click for more information...
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Matrx Flo-tech Solution Xtra Cushion
Invacare Matrx Flo-tech Solution Xtra Cushion and Modular System The new Invacare Matrx Flo-tech Solution Xtra Cushion and Modular System has been developed alongside clinicians to address the individual postural requirements of Wheelchair Users. Through using this modular system, therapeutic interventions can be more effectively addressed with regards to postural maintenance, through enhancing function, maximizing comfort and preserving skin integrity. Designed to promote active correction and management of posture The modular components are manufactured from high-density CMHR foam, which be deployed to achieve active correction and posture management. The wedges feature witness marks and Velcro fixings, enabling them to be cut to meet the needs of the individual. The application of wedges beneath the cushion combined with the deployment of modular components on the top surface deliver a highly versatile range of options for therapists seeking to achieve specific postural management interventions.
Matrx Vi Cushion. Click for more information...
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Matrx Vi Cushion
The Invacare Matrx Vi (Visco Insert) Cushion is designed to provide skin protection and positioning for users at moderate to high risk of skin breakdown. The unique three part foam construction targets skin protection to where it is needed most, and features improved stability, support and comfort. Top layer: * Soft (ILD) High Resilient (HR) foam for optimal comfort * and support * Pre-ischial contour provides stability to pelvis * Abductor/adductor contour promotes midline leg positioning * Made with Ultra-Freshâ„¢ for antibacterial and odor protection
Matrx PS Cushion. Click for more information...
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Matrx PS Cushion
he Invacare Matrx PS (Posture Seat) Cushion is designed to provide superior positioning, stability and comfort. The design features an anatomically contoured shape with a unique waffled ischial relief recess and an innovative reversible outer cover. Features and Functional Benefits Reversible outer cover: * Innovative reversible Dartex outer cover may be used smooth or fabric side out * Dartex fabric is moisture resistant and breathable * Hook and loop fastener strips Inner cover: * Moisture resistant * Easily wiped clean

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